• Mission & Values

    Educating Global Citizens

    We empower our students to become creative and critical world citizens. Our exceptional dual-language program equips our students with outstanding academic skills and proficiency in both German and English through dual-language instruction. Our multicultural and diverse school community fosters collaboration among students, families, and teachers, nurturing social-emotional skills, cultural understanding, and democratic values.

    Our Values

    Academic excellence

    Our highly qualified teachers implement a rigorous and developmentally appropriate curriculum preparing students to continue their education at top-tier universities in the US and abroad. Our small class sizes permit teachers to give individualized support to all of our students and challenge them to realize their potential.

    Dual-language instruction

    We use German and English as languages of instruction in all grades, supporting students in becoming bilingual and biliterate. Starting in sixth grade, students learn Spanish in addition to the two core languages.

    Cultural diversity

    We cherish the cultural and linguistic diversity of our school community. We value the experience, skills, and knowledge of all our community members.

    Social competence

    Empathy, mutual trust and respect, democratic values, and responsible citizenship are fundamental to our day-to-day interactions, our organizational structure, and our curriculum. We support one another, work together to understand and resolve conflicts, and encourage all members of the school community to stand up for their beliefs.


    We support each student’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development, helping all of our students grow into independent and creative thinkers.

    A dynamic learning community 

    We model lifelong learning for our students by following best practices based on research in the areas of child development and pedagogy. Our school is a dynamic and flexible learning community - a lernende Schule - dedicated to preparing our students for success in a changing world.