What We Offer

Preschool through eighth grade education in small classes that maximize student/teacher and student/student interaction. This format allows teachers to give individualized support to all our students and challenge them to realize their full potential.

  • Preschool and Kindergarten: dual-language immersion, blending early language and math concepts and intercultural learning with music and art exploration, gross and fine motor development, and social-emotional education.
  • Elementary School (grades 1 – 4): focusing on language and quantitative competencies, the arts, experimental science, and physical education.
  • Middle School (grades 5 – 8): continuing to develop our students’ academic and critical thinking skills while supporting their development as unique individuals.
  • International High School (grades 9 - 12): outstanding college-preparatory curriculum including AP courses, essay writing, and content culminating in the prestigious IB Diploma.

  • Dual-language German/English programs:
    • implementing German curricula noted for their success in developing students’ strengths across academic disciplines as well as critical thinking skills, social-emotional competencies, artistic expression, and motor skills;
    • combined with project-based, literature-rich English language instruction in every grade.
  • Faculty comprised of highly trained professional educators.