Extended Day Registration 2018/19

EBGIS offers after-school programming to our students between the end of the regular school day and 6:00 pm. Our Extended Day is available to all EBGIS students from Preschool through eighth grade. Enrichment classes are provided at an additional cost by EBGIS staff and outside providers.

Preschool students remain in the Preschool Mini-Campus for Extended Day. Preschool students participating in enrichment classes may be escorted by staff to the main campus depending on the location of the class. Extended Day is provided to Preschool and Kindergarten students during the fall, winter, and spring breaks when grades classes are not in session.

Please read the following program rules and payment options carefully. To register please complete and submit the registration form below.

Enrichment Activities

Extracurricular enrichment activities are charged separately from Extended Day, but families are not charged for care while their student attends the activities or clubs.

Late Pick-Up Fee

Late pick up fees are incurred when children are picked up after 6:00 pm. Late fees are $10 per 15-minute increment, rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes. Thus, if a child is picked up at 6:25, a Late Pick-Up Fee of $20 will be charged.

No Extended Care on Certain Days

Extended Day is generally offered for any particular grade level on all regular school days for that grade level. During the fall, winter, and spring breaks, when grades classes are not in session, Extended Day is offered for Preschool and Kindergarten students. There is no Extended Day program:

  • On the first and last days of school
  • On the day before the Thanksgiving holiday
  • On minimum days
  • On any day when EBGIS is forced to close because of emergency, weather, or other unpredictable cause.
Enrollment Options

For the convenience of our families, EBGIS offers the following Extended Day enrollment options:

Option One: Full Week
The 5-day enrollment plan is the most economical for families who use Extended Day often. The fee for 5 days a week of care averages to about $8 per hour for Preschool or Kindergarten families, and about $9 per hour for Elementary School and Middle School families because of differences in the length and number of school days. The 5-day option can is available for the full school year or for a semester.

Option Two: Selected Days
Families using Extended Day care regularly between one and four days a week can select the Selected Days option. The fee for this option averages to about $10 per hour for Preschool or Kindergarten families, and about $11 per hour for Elementary School and Middle School families. Upon registering, please indicate in the form below which day or days of the week you would like your child to attend Extended Day.

Option Three: Prepaid Hourly
The Prepaid Hourly plan is perfect for families who use Extended Day less frequently. Care is available in 10-hour blocks for $125. The Prepaid Hourly plan is not available for Preschool students.

Please provide at least 24-hour notice through the website or via an email message to hourly@ebgis.org stating the name of your child and the days and times when you intend to use Extended Day. If 24-hour notice is not received, you will be charged for care at the Drop-In rate if space is available.

Emergency Drop-In
To help us ensure appropriate student-to-staff ratios in the Extended Day program, please use the Drop-In Option only when the need for afternoon care cannot be anticipated in advance. Although space in Extended Day will in most cases be available to Drop-In participants, we cannot guarantee availability. Drop-In care is provided for $15 per hour.

Fees Overview



Approximate hourly cost

Full Week

$5,990 per year

$2,995 per semester

$8 to $9

Selected Days

$1,525 per day per year

$762 per day per semester

$10 to $11

Prepaid Hourly

$125 for 10-hour package



$15 per hour


Please indicate in the form below which option you prefer, complete the remainder of the form and click "submit." Once you have registered, the applicable fee will be added to your tuition statements. Alternatively, you can prepay the entire sum upon registering. Prepaid Extended Day fees are non-refundable.

Agreement to Student Rules

Students participating in the Extended Day are required to comply with the rules and standards described in the EBGIS Family Handbook.

By submitting the registration form below, you agree to the Extended Day terms and conditions described above and give permission for your child to participate in the Extended Day program.

Extended Day Registration - 2018/19

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