Middle School (5-8)

What We Offer

Our middle school curriculum focuses on the continued development of our students’ academic and critical thinking skills while supporting their development as unique individuals. Our middle school students receive longer-term assignments and become even more self-directed learners. This helps prepare them for the more autonomous learning environments they will experience in high school and university.

Our middle school curriculum incorporates hands-on exposure to concepts and subjects inside and outside the classroom. Middle school subjects include German language and literature, English language and literature, mathematics, geography, biology, physics, chemistry, information technology, ethics, history, Spanish, language and culture, music, art, and physical education.

Program Highlights

Because our middle school students are confident speakers of both English and German, we gradually shift the language balance in middle school from predominantly German in the elementary school toward a 60/40 ratio by eighth grade. Middle school students continue exploring world literature in both English and German, and expand their vocabularies in scientific, artistic, and other fields

In our unique Global Citizenship course, students undertake cross-disciplinary projects in mixed-age groups, supported by outside experts. A Global Education component enhances our ethics curriculum helping our students to become truly global citizens.

As in the elementary school, our middle school students regularly participate in a Klassenrat (class council) session, in which students experience participatory democracy through student-moderated class discussions. Middle school students continue their social and emotional learning using tools such as Lions Quest and Project Adventure.

EBGIS middle school students learn in an even more individualized and self-directed manner than in the elementary grades. During regularly scheduled individualized learning time, students work on long-term projects, fill in their knowledge gaps, explore new challenges, and log their progress in a personal learning log with the assistance of an assigned mentor.

Program Hours

The school day starts at 8:30, with a drop-off window beginning at 8:00 to provide flexibility for working families. Students have up to four 90-minute double-period classes per day with one or two teachers per class depending on the subject. A twenty-minute morning snack and recess (Frühstückspause) and a forty-minute lunch and recess period occur after the first and second double-periods. The school day ends at 2:00 pm on most days, extending to 3:40 pm on some days as we introduce additional subjects like physics, chemistry, and Spanish. Afternoon Club and a variety of extracurricular activities are available until 6:00 pm.