Science Program

Advanced and integrated science studies are a hallmark of the EBGIS curriculum. In our Elementary School, Nature and Society courses introduce science topics in an engaging and contextualized way. Advanced science studies begin in the fifth grade when our students enter Middle School. Middle and High School science courses combine theory and practice, preparing EBGIS students to excel in Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) exams. By the time they graduate, our students have nine years of middle school science and eight years of high school science coursework in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics under their belts, including AP and IB level credits in the three disciplines. Compared to the standard two years of high school science taken at many other schools, our graduates have an unparalleled base to succeed in university studies in science, engineering and related fields.

Our Approach

Science at EBGIS is problem-oriented and hands-on. Our students think creatively and critically about both pure and applied science topics.

Middle School Science

In Middle School, EBGIS students broaden and deepen their knowledge with dedicated coursework in Biology (four years), Chemistry (two years) and Physics (three years). They use the scientific method and experimental techniques, and document and communicate their findings.

Classroom learning is combined with interdisciplinary projects, model building, dissection and science excursions, bringing the study of science to life.

Biology 5
Biology 6
Physics 6

Biology 7
Physics 7
Chemistry 7

Biology 8
Physics 8
Chemistry 8

High School Science

By the time EBGIS students enter high school, they can confidently conduct independent scientific experimentation. In High School, we continue using our excellent laboratory resources to support science learning and application. High School students continue to take classes in Biology, Chemistry and Physics at the AP and IB levels.

Our interdisciplinary approach allows students to draw connections among science fields and integrate their knowledge. In cooperation with UC Berkeley, students learn about modern laboratory technologies and gain access to neuroscientific research.

Biology 9
Physics 9
Chemistry 9

Biology 10 AP
Physics 10 AP
Chemistry 10

Chemistry 11 IB
Chemistry 12 IB