Apply Online

Current families, please log in to your BigSIS portal to re-enroll or apply for a newly enrolling sibling.

New families, please click here to fill out an online application in our BigSIS portal. Follow the instructions below:

If you already have an EBGIS BigSIS account, please log in.

If you do not yet have an EBGIS BigSIS account, you can create one.

You will receive a signup link at the email address you specified.

Click the "signup" link in the email to create a user.

Choose a username and a password and click "Create My Account."

After creating your user account you can go directly to the application form.

This link will take you to your personal EBGIS BigSIS dashboard. There go to the “Admissions” tab, then to the “My Inquiries & Applications” menu, click the “Add New” button and choose “Submit a New Application.”

In the application form, enter the required information (student name, gender, date of birth), choose the right school year (e.g., 2022-2023 School Year), choose the applicable program (e.g., “Preschool” or “Klasse/Grade 9”), tell us how you heard about EBGIS, add your child’s language(s) and proficiency level(s), and update your contact information.

Please complete contact information for all guardians by clicking the “Expand to Add Another Guardian’s Contact Information” option that appears once you have completed the first guardian’s information. You will have an option to choose a tour or information session, but you can skip this if you have already visited the school.

Click "Submit Inquiry" when you have completed this step. You will then see a confirmation that the inquiry was submitted successfully and you can now continue your application by clicking “Add Application.”

After clicking “Add Application,” proceed to “Claim” the form.

Proceed through the form by following the steps and clicking “Save Progress and go to next step” when ready.

Complete the form and payment information and submit when done.