Faculty & Staff

The majority of our faculty are teachers from Germany and other German-speaking countries in Europe who have undergone extensive pedagogical training. We apply the same high standards to our English-speaking faculty. Most of our teachers have master’s degree level qualifications in education, some have Ph.D. degrees, and all are experts in bilingual instruction. In addition, because the Bay Area is such an attractive place to live, we have the luxury of handpicking the best and most highly motivated German-speaking teachers through our hiring process. Among our many strengths, our world-class faculty is perhaps our proudest asset.

We are thrilled that the vast majority of the faculty and staff currently at the Emeryville campus will join EBGIS for the 2018/2019 academic year and beyond. We are currently in the process of filling the few remaining open positions and finalizing agreements with our teachers, and we are excited to present our full team for 2018/2019 very soon.