High School Options

Supporting Student Growth Beyond Eighth Grade

Currently, EBGIS offers programs from the preschool and kindergarten levels through eighth grade. We recognize that families who enroll their children in a dual-language immersion school are embarking on a learning journey that extends throughout each student’s academic career and into adulthood. With this in mind, we are assessing the possibility of adding a multilingual high school program as our school continues to grow. We will provide regular updates on our plans and progress.

In the meantime, because our graduates are academically advanced, well-rounded, and independent and critical learners, they are welcomed and excel at competitive public and private high schools in the Bay Area and beyond. Bentley School, Maybeck High School, Proof School, St. Mary's College High School, St. Joseph Notre Dame High School, and Berkeley High School are some examples of local high schools that our former students attend. EBGIS faculty and staff work actively with students and families to select high school options based on individual needs and objectives.