After School

Extended Day Options

EBGIS is committed to providing the highest quality education and to meeting the needs of working parents. We offer flexible extended day options for all our students from preschool through the eighth grade. Students who participate in the extended day program experience a whole new learning environment filled with fun, relaxation, and a variety of enrichment opportunities.

Students participating in the Afternoon Club move from their classrooms to the dedicated Afternoon Club space at the end of the school day, and can stay until either 5 or 6 pm, depending on the family’s needs. The afternoon begins with time set aside for students to work on their homework independently and in groups under the supervision of a bilingual instructor. Students may then eat a snack brought from home and can enjoy free play inside or outdoors.

Our preschool Full-Day Program takes place in our adjacent preschool mini-campus and follows a daily routine tailored to the younger age group. Preschoolers in the Full-Day Program enjoy a snack, a period of play, and quiet time to wind down from the day. They then participate in themed curricular activities provided by our preschool teachers.

Every school day morning, we offer a flexible drop-off window to all our students between 8:00 and the beginning of the school day at 8:30. Students may play indoors or outdoors during this time and are supervised by teaching staff. There is no additional fee for flexible drop-off.

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Extracurricular Activities

In addition to the Afternoon Club, students may enroll in Enrichment Classes taught by EBGIS staff and experienced outside instructors. A variety of Enrichment Classes is offered each semester. Past class topics have included gardening and cooking, band, drama, woodworking, LEGO construction, programming, soccer, and martial arts, among others. We will publish a list of class offerings and pricing each summer for the following school year.