At School

On Campus

We are fortunate to have a spacious and centrally located campus. Our facilities include large classrooms, dedicated spaces for music and art, a library, an auditorium, athletic fields, and ample play space. Our preschool program occupies its own mini-campus adjacent to the main campus, providing our youngest students indoor and outdoor spaces of their own while allowing them to participate in all-school celebrations and activities.


Our library offers popular and classic literature and non-fiction works in German and English for all our students. Our collection is especially rich in German-language works, which can often be difficult and expensive for families to obtain in the US. Students can browse and check out books or enjoy reading in our cozy library space during weekly class visits to the library or when they are not in class. In addition, we pair our elementary school students with preschool and kindergarten children, so that the older students can read aloud to their little buddies. This helps inspire the younger children to love reading.


Our preschool facility includes both a spacious, modern classroom and a large dedicated play area outside.

The classroom is tailored to the needs of preschool-aged children and features multiple “play zones” configured to stimulate children’s creative play. The classroom also has a reading nook with a sofa, a kitchen area, and a variety of specialized toys that the teaching staff has carefully selected to support creative play and collaborative learning. Ample storage cabinets hold sleeping mats, bed linens, and snack foods that parents may choose to bring for their children.

The outdoor play area is equipped with playground equipment (slides, swing set, sandbox), a large patio that accommodates picnic tables and wheeled scooters, and a garden where children and teachers plant, raise, and harvest organic fruits and vegetables.