School and Community

We believe that a school is an integral part of its community, and that a community’s values and composition should be reflected in its schools. At EBGIS, our community is both global and local. We are a dual-language immersion school that educates global citizens. We provide a unique and fun educational experience of exceptional quality through a lens of German language and culture. Our identity is also a function of where we are in the world – in the middle of the creative, innovative, and dynamic San Francisco Bay Area.

Emeryville is adjacent to Oakland and Berkeley and just east of San Francisco. It is a small but influential city in the region known locally as “The East Bay,” which is one of the fastest growing regions in the San Francisco Bay Area. The East Bay is home to a wide variety of technology and life sciences companies, a vibrant restaurant scene, world-class cultural and entertainment venues, and family-centric activities.

EBGIS strives to play an active role in both its global and local communities. Our families, faculty, staff, and volunteers live in the surrounding area and reflect the area’s unique characteristics. For our students, we include field trips to local attractions, cultural venues, and the great California outdoors. We forge relationships with local businesses, German cultural organizations, local universities, and other entities that share our goals and offer their support for our academic programs and non-academic activities. Our school events calendar reflects the diversity of our community as we celebrate a blend of seasonal festivities from around the world.